In The Backyard

Juvenile Spotted Towhees are spending a lot of time in our backyard right now. In a time of year when there aren’t a lot of birds hanging about our feeders (heck, even the House Finches haven’t been around for a few days), the Towhees are a welcome sight.

These young Towhees, a species which normally forage on the ground, have discovered that suet is a pretty good meal and have learned how to jump from the fence, grab the suet cage briefly to get what they want and go.

juvenile Spotted Towhee

They also spend time on the ground and I watched one scratching around in the mulch yesterday looking for food. While observing it, I heard an adult call and watched the young one cock its head and listen. I wondered if it could have been its parent.

The parents don’t seem to be feeding these guys any longer. They have already learned to forage for themselves on the ground and above!

Juvenile Spotted Towhee

juvenile Spotted Towhee

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  1. Catching up on your blog…I am 14 posts behind! Cute towhee. I haven’t seen them much lately and my yard was quiet too up till about a week ago and suddenly the feeders are full again!

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