I was excited earlier this spring to read and view pictures from a few local bloggers I enjoy of Killdeer and their young at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.  Since I don’t seem to get up to Ridgefield more than once or twice a year, I turned my attention to the Killdeer that live at Koll Center Wetlands across the street from where I work and hoped I might eventually see some young here.

There is a group of about a dozen Killdeer I see every day here.  They run along the exposed mudflats, chase other Killdeer away from their personal territories and insert themselves into photos even when I’m not particularly trying to take their picture.  In short, they are a regular presence here year round.

But it is already August and I’ve yet to see any sign of nesting Killdeer at Koll. I’ve trained my binocs on them for months now hoping to see little ones running along behind them, hiding in the short vegetation or underneath an adult. Nothing. I’m surprised and puzzled by this.

I guess this means two things. See what happens next year and take more trips up to Ridgefield!



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2 Responses to Killdeer

  1. Jen says:

    Haha, someone else’s blog recently mentioned Killdeer jumping into their photos as well! Funny.

  2. Mike B. says:

    I’ll never forget when a killdeer fooled me into thinking it was hurt. I followed it and after it flew away, I had a good laugh about what had just happened!

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