A Hot Day at Ridgefield

We decided to take a trip up to Ridgefield NWR on Sunday. It was steamy hot and the mosquitos were out in full force. At one point, one little charmer was determined to bite my eyelid, of all places. Drat. Remembered the sunscreen. Forgot the Deet.

Oh well, we had a great time. Not as birdy as I’d hoped but then again, I could have been distracted a bit slapping my legs and waving my arms around my head most of the time and missed some. Okay most. Even the coyote looks hot and by the end of the afternoon, I was convinced the kayakers had the right idea for a Sunday afternoon.

Wapato, Broadleaf Arrowhead


Western Painted Turtle


Oregon Ash

Wild Sweet Pea

Hot Coyote

Kayaks, Ridgefield NWR

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One Response to A Hot Day at Ridgefield

  1. jen says:

    Funny I was there in the morning! Pretty warm and not too birdy for me either… Love that coyote photo you got! A young one? Such big ears!

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