Personal Hummer Feeders

My husband was feeling creative last week and made some small, personal hummer feeders for the three or four hummingbirds who call our yard their home. The finished product is constructed from some old silk flowers we recycled from a lamp, wire and tubing. He hung them from a trellis in the backyard.

Personal Hummer Feeder

Hummer Trellis

The prototype was made from a small plastic vial we use to put spices in when we go camping and then hung with string from the pergola over our patio. They looked cute hanging and we thought about trying to add lights to them to make them truly multi-purpose. But we found it was hard for the hummers to get anything from the feeders. If there was even a slight breeze, the feeders would swing too much to be much use for them.

I sat on the back step for about a half hour last night and watched a hummer move from snowberry bush to pink impatiens to the regular hanging feeders and to the trellis with the new little feeders. I don’t know that these little feeders will stay around forever in the yard. Seems like a lot of work to fill the little things and keep them clean. But they have been providing some entertainment this week, that’s for sure.

Hummer on Snowberry

Hummer on Impatiens

Hummer in Lilac

Hummer on Trellis

Hummer on Trellis

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  1. jen says:

    Wow, what an awesome idea! I am very impressed. Love the hummer photos and the chickadee in the next post too!

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