Soldiers in the Woods

We hiked Saddle Mountain yesterday.  This is a hike we’ve done many times in the past but never the first weekend in September, I guess.   Not a cloud in the sky or many birds that we could find but the trail was filled with wildflowers  and warm sunshine and just enough of a breeze to be comfortable..  It was a beautiful day.  We ate our lunch at the top of the mountain and enjoyed the view of the ocean in distance.

The trip was marred for me a bit because our visit happened to coincide with the start of elk hunting season.  The seven-mile road from Hwy 26 to the trailhead was lined with pick up trucks every few hundred feet and men dressed up exactly like the GI Joe dolls I remember my brother playing with when we were kids.  They were decked out in camo from head to toe.

I kept thinking of the elk and the hunters the whole way up the mountain.  While we were eating our lunch in the sunshine, some terrified animal was probably being chased through the woods, running for its life.  Who wakes up on a beautiful, sunshiney day and wants to go out and kill something for sport?  Apparently a lot of  people.  There were probably fifty trucks along that road.  I will never understand it.

So, here’s some pictures of things that make me happy and feel good.

I hope a few of those hunters tripped over a log and sprained their ankles.


Indian Paintbrush

Bee in Thistle

Aster on Saddle Mt.

Trail to Saddle Mt

Rocky Outcrop on Saddle Mt.

View of the Ocean from Saddle Mt.

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One Response to Soldiers in the Woods

  1. jen says:

    I am soooo with you on the hunting… It’s such a bummer to hear gunshots while hiking or taking pictures or whatever…

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