Worth Every Penny

I have an issue with shoes.

Actually, the issue is my feet.  An Andre the Giant sized second toe and an abnormally diminutive pinky toe make fitting shoes really difficult.   No matter how many shoes I’ve tried over the years for running or hiking,  nothing has been quite right. I always end up with 10 bruised toe tips from any run, walk or hike that involves any elevation change.

My freakish toes bang into the ends of my shoes so badly, I dread exercising or hiking.  Which is really a shame because while I don’t particularly love to get on the treadmill, I really love to get outside and hike.    Things had gotten so bad that for my last hike a few weeks ago, I wore my Teva sandals and felt a bit foolish.  But at least I didn’t have sore toes at the end.

After hearing about these shoes and having a friend personally recommend them for hiking, I sprung for a pair.

I just finished my first hike at Crater Lake with them and they performed exactly as I’d hoped they would.  No sore toes, good traction.  Happy feet at the end of the day.


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  1. Sweet! I just got some of those myself and I really enjoy them. I did have one small blister before they were completely broken in. Happy feet! Happy Birding!

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