Welcome to Prospect

We spent two nights in this wonderful old hotel.

Prospect Hotel

Listed on the National Register of Historic places, the hotel has hosted such notables as Teddy Roosevelt and Zane Grey. Back in the old days when it took two days via horse-drawn wagon from Medford to Crater Lake, the hotel was a popular stopping place.

The little town of Prospect is about 30 miles from Crater Lake National Park.  It has a small post office, library, school, gas station and a restaurant called The Trophy Room, complete with a stuffed cougar on the wall.

Just down the street and an easy walk from the hotel are two waterfalls and a local curiosity called the Avenue of the Boulders.   Fun to climb on or to find a spot to sit and watch the river go by, the boulders are huge and a reminder of how much geologic history Oregon has.

While I wouldn’t recommend the dinner house at the hotel, the banana-walnut pancakes at breakfast were great.  We heard the waitress in the hotel dining room holler into the kitchen when we arrived, “the two no-meats are here”.  For the rest of the trip, we two oddball no meat eaters referred to ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. No Meat.

If you are travelling to Crater Lake, the hotel is worth a stay just for the history of the place.  As I looked out the window from our room and paused at the historical pictures of the place lining the hotel hallways,  I imagined what it was like to stay here 100 years ago and how much of a respite it must have been after making the journey over a dirt road.

Pearsoney Falls, Prospect OR

Avenue of the Boulders

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  1. jen says:

    The “two no-meats are here” had me laughing pretty hard!

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