Junco Mysteries

We know it’s truly fall when Juncos reappear in our yard after being gone all spring and summer.   Once they arrive, they will be steady visitors to the yard until spring begins again next year.

Juncos Bathing

Why they leave our little piece of the world each spring has always puzzled me. Yet, three miles from home (and at a lower elevation) where I work, Junco’s hang about all spring and summer. We surprise them in the bushes near the front door when we come and go for lunch, I see them hopping along the window outside my office, jumping up to snatch an occasional bug off the glass. A friend of mine had a pair use a hanging basket to nest in this spring. She lives about 3 or 4 miles away, too.

I’m not sure why they disappear from our yard and the field behind our home and yet I see them in other common places I frequent but I am always happy to welcome them home.

Juncos Bathing

Junco in the Tray Feeder

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3 Responses to Junco Mysteries

  1. Robert says:

    I’ve wondered about that myself. During Spring and Summer, I often find Juncos just a half-hour away in the mountains (both in Utah and Idaho). I thought that it was the cooler weather they prefer, but the mountain areas often get just as hot as the valley floor. Maybe it has to do with diet change and preferred breeding habitat.

  2. I’m one of those that sees them year round, but not as many. I too am happy to see bigger numbers. This weekend I saw the first Golden-crowned Sparrows…a couple of weeks later than last year. I love their song. Happy Autumn!

  3. Jen says:

    Those bathing juncos are pretty cute… I was so happy when mine returned last week. So far I haven’t seen more than five at a time, but hopefully soon they’ll be back up to a full-blown posse!

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