How To Scare a Bird

I took a vacation day from work yesterday and headed down to the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge about 8am to do a little birding before I started checking some of the errands I planned off my list.

I travelled light with just my cell phone and keys in my pocket, my binoculars in hand and my new Crumpler camera bag complete with heavy camera stuff around my neck.

I came to the two seasonal ponds near the entrance to the main trail.  I paused for a moment to marvel at the red duckweed covering the surface of the pond.  

I wasn’t really prepared for the little lump I saw perched on a log in the middle of the pond.  A Green Heron.  Gorgeous guy who stared back at me as I checked him out through my binocs. 

Wow!  Let me take your picture, I thought, with my brand-new camera I barely know how to use. 

He seemed to be a very cooperative subject.  He waited patiently while I lowered my binocs and started to fumble with the camera bag.  I glanced up quickly several times.  He’s still there.  Watching me.

This will be a great photo,  I was sure of it.  My husband who has always been the photographer in our family, is sure to be proud of me!

Velcro.  I used to love velcro when my kids were little.  Putting little shoes on and taking them off with velcro instead of shoelaces was a breeze.  But combine birding and velcro camera bags?  Not so sure.  The loud velcro tearing sound as I attempted to get the camera out of the bag startled the heron into a tree near the pond.

There, he eyed me warily as I took as many pics as I could.  I think a few of them turned out pretty good even if he was sort of awkwardly posed in the tree above the pond.


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  1. Grayarea says:

    I am so impressed. What a great bird!

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