We’ve had a small flock of 4 or 5 Golden-Crowned Sparrows spending a little time around our place the past few days.  It’ll be fun to see how long they stick around before heading north for the breeding season.

I thought they would be more skittish than they are in our tiny little yard but they seem to be fairly tolerant of my presence.  I could hear them in the field before they made their way into the yard this afternoon as I was trying to plant some flower pots on the patio.  If I stayed low and didn’t move quickly or make too much noise, they were content to move around on the ground eating millet and sunflower seeds.

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2 Responses to Layover

  1. JB Lockhart says:

    Wonderful photography. I love your yard! Do you need to come over to get photos of Hawaiian birds? You are totally invited! Even if we are on the mainland … you can DRAG your Mom along with you!!

    • Shelly says:

      Thanks, JB! Yes, yes, yes! Spending time with you and Ralph and doing some birding sounds like great fun!

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