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We have had a large number of Lesser Goldfinches visiting our feeders and the field beyond our home over the past week or two.

They like to hang from the ends of long grass stalks while they eat. 

Sometimes they don’t judge their own weight or the strength of the grass very well and have to adjust themselves after their first attempt to secure themselves to the grass.  We often look out the window to see grasses bending in odd ways and small groups of goldfinches fluttering up and resettling themselves into a better feeding position.

In the photo below, this bird has found a stronger branch to use while it gleans what it wants from the grasshead.

Lesser Goldfinch on Grasshead

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  1. Nice post! I watched with considerable amusement as Lesser Goldfinches where landing on tall dandelions to eat the seeds. The dandelion stem bends a bit more slowly so they gently lowered to the ground.

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