Chickadee Love

We are happy to be hosting two pairs of nesting Black-Capped Chickadees on our property.

The first clutch in the nestbox on our front porch will probably leave the nest in the next week or so.  They hatched around the first of June.  The sounds they make from inside the box have changed from little peeps when the parents fly in with food to sounding decidedly Chickadee-like.

Earlier this spring, we had a tussle over real estate between Red-Breasted Nuthatches and the Black-Capped Chickadees for our only nestbox which was located on the front porch.  We bought two other nestboxes and placed one in each sideyard to try to mediate the dispute.  The Nuthatches gave up and moved on but a second pair of Black-Capped Chickadees moved into one of the two new boxes.

Their babies hatched early this week and they are busy feeding and caring for them.

I worry a little that the box is placed in a spot with too much afternoon sun.  We don’t have a large lot and finding spots for three nestboxes on this little piece of land is tricky.  The backyard isn’t an option because it’s too busy with feeders everywhere.  The front yard is already spoken for with the previously mentioned porch nestbox.  That left the two sideyards.  They chose the sideyard box with the sunnier location.

I’ve longed for sun all spring but now I hope we don’t get any scorchers for a few weeks until these guys have finished raising their babies.

Babies to Feed

Chickadee Parent

Bringing Stuff Out

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2 Responses to Chickadee Love

  1. So cool! I’m going to try out a couple nest boxes next year and see what turns up.

  2. Mike B. says:

    I miss our chickadees. They didn’t return this year. I loved all of the activity and chirping.

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