This Doesn’t Happen At Home

Look at this sweet little sewing circle. 

Sewing Circle

 These shots are taken from inside the building where I work, which is just across the street from the Koll Center Wetlands.  I also have hummer feeders at home.  3 of them, to be precise.  I bring them in early each Sunday morning, wash them, boil up new food and hang them out again just as it’s getting light.   And we have 3 or 4 regular Anna’s who hang around our home year round with Rufous hummers crashing the party in the summer.  They tussle and argue over who’s turn it is at the feeder.  Even though there are 3 of them.  Plenty for all.  My husband and I have joked that they expend more energy chasing each other away from the feeders than they gain in nutrition when they finally get their turn at the watering hole.  I pour a lot of hummer food down the sink each week.  My feeders at home rarely look like there has been much nectar sipping happening.  Yet I know there is because we see them all the time zipping around the backyard and through the field. 

May I Join You?

Anyway, I have 1 hummer feeder hanging on a tree outside my office at work.  The behavior at the office feeder is completely opposite what I observe at home.  I refill the hummer feeder at work every other day.  At first, I thought there had to be some sort of micro-climate going on that was causing the food to disappear so quickly.  I bring a very large container of hummer food to work each week to keep in the frig for refills.  My non-birding friends at work will now alert me when the hummer food is getting low and if I’m very lucky, someone will offer to bring it down from the frig upstairs for me.  I think I have discovered why the food goes so quickly.  I could only catch a shot of 3 of these beauties at the feeder today but I have seen 4 of them happily sharing a meal before.  I don’t see anyone tussling over real estate.  The group of hummers that hang out off of Gemini Dr. in Beaverton are an amiable bunch.  My mom would have been proud of them.  They share very well.  

Happy Ladies

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